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Better driving
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Better driving
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Better driving
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No Setup

Real time tracking and driving alerts. No setup required, download the app and you’re good to go!


Better Driving

Look into your history and get to know your driving style



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Professional BUD

“Being a Salesman I spend a lot of time behind the wheel and thanks to AutoBud I have a record of all my business trips. Now it’s easy to know where and when my travels take place and the amount of miles I’ve been driving.”

Money Saving Bud

“AutoBud helps me get connected with my car, I use its scores and feedbacks to keep my driving as economic and safe as possible and the alerts feature is like my very own car agenda”.

Green Bud

“I believe in taking responsibility for my actions, and knowing that I’m acting in a way that saves resources and minimizes impacts makes me feel better about my driving.”

Formula Bud

“I’m a car enthusiast and driving is a real passion to me. AutoBud gives back a lot of cool metrics like average and all time maximum speed, as well as the G forces involved, which I really like.”