Frequently Asked Questions

What is AutoBud?
AutoBud is an application to help you on your everyday driving. Just download it on your smartphone and the app is able to detect all your car trips and give them a score for economy and safety. AutoBud can provide you an accurate evaluation of your driving style, as well as tips to improve it.
Is AutoBud free to download and use?
AutoBud is completely free to download and use. The free version will have ads from time to time but you are always able to get rid of them by purchasing the “remove ads” in-app purchase.
How to log my first trip?
After installing AutoBud and setting up your account you are good to go. Now exit AutoBud and go drive! Magic happens. When the trip has ended, you will get a notification the trip has been saved. Slide the notification to open the app and check your score and trip details.
How is my score calculated?
We developed an algorithm that uses values from your phone’s sensors and detects harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding. This algorithm is precise enough to evaluate your driving style and advise you on how to improve.
How is the app able to automatically understand when I’m driving?
Latest generation smartphones have a motion coprocessor which automatically detects the type of motion you’re performing, driving included. However, AutoBud may also be installed and used in older smartphones without a coprocessor.
Will I consume more battery by using AutoBud?
Whenever you are not driving, latest generation smartphones do not consume more battery than normal. Older smartphones without motion coprocessor consume 2-3% more battery per hour. Whenever you are driving battery consumption may be higher than normal due to GPS use.
Does AutoBud work without internet connection?
The app detects and registers trips also without internet connection. However, in order to list and score all your trips, internet connection is required.
How much internet data spends AutoBud?
For every hour spent driving the app, AutoBud will not consume more than 1.5MB of internet data.
Can I disable automatic trips recording?
Sure you can! You can enable/disable automatic trips recording in app Settings. However, we suggest you keep it on so your trips are always recorded. Remember that with that setting disabled, trips are only recorded when you manually press “START DRIVING” button from the “Start” screen.
Will I lose all my trips and scores if I change or brake my smartphone?
You will not. Your user account will keep record of all your trips, badges, messages and settings. Even if you change from iOS to Android or vice-versa all your data will be restored.
What happens if I use the app on other vehicles?
No problem at all. AutoBud algorithms are smart enough to distinguish trips made by car or motorbike from those made on boats, trains or planes.
What happens if I’m the passenger and someone else is driving?
Trips will also be detected if you are a car passenger. However, you can delete them in case you only want to keep trips you made as a driver.
Is my data shared with authorities or 3rd parties?
Absolutely NOT. We guarantee you data privacy. Our only and solely purpose is to help you improve your driving in both economy and safety.
I have a lot of friends, but I don’t want them to see all my trips. Is that possible?
Sure! You can disable trips sharing in settings or just share a specific trip in trips details.
I have more than one car. How does AutoBud knows which car I’m driving?
You can have unlimited cars in AutoBud’s “garage”. Most cars nowadays have bluetooth hands free capabilities and for each car you can associate a unique bluetooth device. This way AutoBud is able to detect which car are you driving.
AutoBud just missed a trip I’ve made. What’s wrong?
If AutoBud is missing all new trips, then the most likely reason is BACKGROUND LOCATION Permission has been turned off by mistake at install or when iOS or Android device asked to reconfirm after a few days. You need to always say "yes". If location is turned off, open AutoBud and follow instructions. If you still see missed trips please let us know at
Which are AutoBud’s system requirements?
iOS 8.0 or above. Please turn on Always-up-to-date setting in iOS: Settings > ITunes & App Stores > Updates> on. Android +4.4. Please turn Auto-update on: Google Play Store app > Pull menu from left > Settings > General > Enable “Auto-update apps”.
I lost my password. What do I do?
If you forgot password you can request a password reset at app login screen. To do that uninstall AutoBud and install it again to access AutoBud’s login screen.
Can I delete all my trip data and AutoBud’s account?
At any time. And easily. If you for some reason decide to stop use AutoBud and want all your information deleted go to Settings - Profile - Delete account. Please understand such deletion of data is irreversible. Only do it, if you never need to use AutoBud again.

Need Help?

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